SchKIDules-Two-sided SchKIDules Board


Description: This Two-Sided Board is noticeably thicker and more durable than its 1-Sided counterpart.  It is also magnetically receptive on BOTH the front and back giving you double the amount of surface space for magnets.  You can use this to create two separate displays or to store or remove magnets you want to store out of sight.  Like the lighter 1-Sided board, the backside is also white and can be used as a dry erase surface too.  This board does NOT stick to other things.  It is magnetic RECEPTIVE meaning things stick to it.  Think of it like a 14″ portable refrigerator door that you can hang anywhere in your home.

Details: SchKIDules 14 oz Board is a 14″x12″, magnetically receptive on both sides, has rounded corners and comes with two adhesive hang tabs for hanging the board either vertically or horizontally.