• SchKIDules-SCHOOL COLLECTION COMBO: 61 Activity Magnets


    Description: New for 2017, the School Collection is a 42 piece set that includes traditional school subjects and daily activities and is available to support the easy creation of a visual schedule. Simply use them on any of SchKIDules Magnetic Displays, or on any magnetically receptive surface to communicate the day’s events to a child. Visual schedules are helpful behavioral supports that assist parents in managing things such as routines, communication, expectations, predictability, independence, improving memory, increased cooperation and much more.

    Details: Magnets measure 2 x 2 inches and are 35mil in thickness. They are dry-erase friendly, so if an activity needs to be crossed out or checked off you can write right on them. Visual Schedule Board sold separately.


    Description: This 19 Piece Headings sheet comes with all the magnetic headings you need to create visual aids for daily routines, to-do lists, weekly activities and more. With SchKIDules all magnetic surface, you can swap out styles easily and let your visual schedule grow with your child as he/she matures from a schedule that shows a small sequence of events to a schedule that shows an entire week.

    Details: This product includes 19 magnets of varying sizes.  It includes the following words Morning, Afternoon, Evening, To Do, Done, First, Then, the numbers 1-5 and the 7 days of the week.