• Bouncy Bands for Standard Desks

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      Bouncy Bands for Desks use heavy-duty solid rubber bungee cord.

      • Loops are secured on both ends to prevent them from coming untied. They install to the desk in seconds!
      • The support pipes keep the Bouncy Band at the perfect height, while keeping it from sliding down the floor.
      • The desk can easily be moved around the room without the pipes falling off, as long as you don't life the desk more than 8" off the floor.
      • Note: The heavy-duty band and support pipes are latex free.

      Bouncy Bands are quiet and they don't distract others. Active students are more productive and spend more time on task when they can move. Students with short legs enjoy being able to rest their feet on the Bouncy Band instead of having them dangle all day. In addition, students who feel anxious when working enjoy being able to stretch their legs to release their anxiety while they work.

    • Move while you work quietly. Makes learning and working fun!
    • Increases time on task.
    • Helps high energy workers fidget without distracting others.
    • Safe. 100% latex free. Reduces students falling from leaning back in the chairs.
    • Discreetly soothes student anxiety, frustration, and hyperactivity.

    Teacher Review:
     "Bouncy band- Amazing!! It is quiet and con not be worn out.  Often the Thera Bands can become a source of sound which is tough on the rest of the class having to listen to the "twang" at a fast interval".